Bookhunting in Metro Manila

Meanwhile, back in the city…

When one can not escape from the city, one can always resort to Discovery Travel and Living or BOOKS!

Unfortunately, Metro Manila does not have a deep selection to choose from, but it’s still much better than it was more than a decade ago.

Anyway, we’ll start with the hallowed hall of books in Manila, that is Fully Booked.  Located at one end of Bonifacio High Street, it boasts five stories of books, including it’s basement.  It does not always have every book you ever need, but it does have all the bestsellers right away.  Also a good place to snatch up Lonely Planets, old and new editions.

When one can not find enough Paul Theroux’s (which I’m always on the look-out for), one can go to the used bookstores.  The most famous one is Rommel’s in Cubao-X.  Here one can find books that your father used to have on his shelf.  Plus there is the added bonus of Cubao-X itself with its “alternative” art scene and indie theater.

The University of the Philippines also has bundles of used bookstores.  There is in Palma Hall.  You need an ID to get in, but just say your going to the used bookstores.  There is also one in the seasonal tiannge, near the church, I think.  There is one in university “mall”.  There is also one at the end of the Magsaysay Avenue.

And just recently I went to Bookay-Ukay ( on Maginhawa Street, near the University of the Philippines.  The book selection was pretty good, and the price was cheap.


One thought on “Bookhunting in Metro Manila

  1. Feel free to come over and look at our selection at The Townhouse Hotel / Hostel. I shipped 1000 books we found in garage sales, library sales and tag sale in the States. Use to pick up a few dozen each time we visited our daughter in Hawaii and In 2012 we’ll be back in again in the States to replenish our small book room and library.

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