Food Scene: Metro Manila

For the skinny on eating, every person has his or her opinion and where the best places to eat are in the metropolis, I’ll give my two centavos, and of course everyone else will have their opinion.

Best Mexican — Mexicali in the Anson’s bldg. in Makati

Best steak (I’m biased coz my cousin owns it) — Myron’s in Rockwell and Greenbelt

Best Italian — Nuovo Pastelaria in San Antonio Arcade, Forbes Park (Their ravioli is to die for)

Best pub — Murphy’s, Esteban Street, Legaspi Village, Makati (with quiz night every Tuesdays)

Best ramen house — Isshin (open 24 hours!), Arnaiz St., Makati

Best cheesesteak — Elbert’s in Power Plant Mall, Rockwell

Best Japanese — Kimpura, Greenhills

Best weekend barbecue — Handlebar

Best beer selections — Beers Paradise (European), Distillery (American)

Best Thai — Soms

Best Filipino Food

  • buffet – Kamayan, Cabalen
  • merienda (afternoon snack, tea) – Via Mare’s (try the bibingka)
  • bar chow – any almost, but to be safe go to a Dencio’s or Kabisera (and order the sisig, the Filipino national bar food)

Best supermarket — Landmark across Greenbelt 4 (Bonus: In the food court, there is Aling Lucing’s sisig. Legend has it, this is the “original” sisig.)


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