Bar and Art Area: Maginhawa street

The new developing art area of the metropolis would be Maginhawa Street near UP.  Probably the center of it right now would be Van Gogh is Bipolar with Black Soup beside it.  Run by the hardcore backpacker of 6 countries for under 60,000 pesos fame, Jetro Rafael, it will be the nexus of the next indie scene in Metro Manila.

Down the street past the Mini-Stop, at 55 Maginhawa is the flophouse combination of Bookay-Ukay, Tomato Kick and a tatoo parlor.

There lots of mini-restaurants in the area catering to the UP crowd.  Some of the ones’ that seem to be really popular are Pino, Sancho’s, and Kiss the Cook.  There is also a Mexican restaurant and Good Burger (Home of the Good Burger, may I take your order).  I guess that ‘s what makes this place, a fun place.  There are so many affordable little places to go, that it will always be an adventure.  And the good news is, the street is long enough, that it would still take a long time before it’s becomes corrupted, like, er, Malate and other art places did.


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