Hostel: Frendz, Boracay

Got this tip from Ronald of Our Melting Pot. In Boracay, he recommends Frendz, and it seems from what little information I was able to scrounge up from the Internet, he was right.

And if you are in Boracay anyway, might as well go to Red Pirates Pub in Station 3. Probably the last piece of authentic Boracay beach culture left on the island.


One thought on “Hostel: Frendz, Boracay

  1. frendz, is a breath of fresh air in boracay, i stayed there for a night during my roro backpacking trip to boracay last march 2010. i liked the part where they served a buffet and just put in any amount you can afford in a cookie jar.. i was also able to make quite a few foreign friends because of the setup of frendz, there is a communal area where you get to socialize with the other guests, i will be back for sure.

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