Hostels: Near Manila Airport

I was wondering what these two hostels were doing so far away from Malate, but I realized today, that they are also so near the NAIA airport (both domestic and international).

The first was Townhouse Hostel. When I first saw the website (my apologies), I wasn’t too impressed, but when I got there it was located on a nice quiet street and had that real “backpacker vibe” feel. Lotsa space inside, with a cafe, maps on the walls, used books. A great overnight place, if you are heading to other parts of the Philippines the next day.

a happy site awaits you

with lots of backpacker amenities.
that’s me on the left looking at maps on the wall.

The second was the Manila International Youth Hostel. Very nice place with a real garden all around and big trees. If I were to stay in Manila overnight, I’d probably stay here. But just like Townhouse Hostel, there is really nothing nearby, but most of all they are both cheap.

a real garden surrounds it

nice and airy

Ooo, space 🙂

Manila International Youth Hostel’s dorm rooms go as low as 250 pesos per person (or as low as 5 dollars) and Townhouse Hostel’s dorm rooms go as low as 180 pesos per person (or around 4 dollars).

Townhouse Hostel
Villa Carolina Townhouse
31 Bayview Drive corner Roxas Boulevard
Tambo, Paranaque City
Metro Manila, 1700
8543826 / 8541435

dorm bed = 180 pesos (around 4 US dollars)
room with aircon = 950 pesos (around 19 US dollars)

Manila International Youth Hostel
4227-4229 Tomas Claudio St. corner Roxas Boulevard
Baclaran, Paranaque City
Metro Manila, 1700
8519634 / 8522112

dorm bed w/ no aircon = 270 pesos (around 5 US Dollars)
room w/ aircon for two = 1,000 pesos (around 20 US Dollars)

Manila International Youth Hostel


2 thoughts on “Hostels: Near Manila Airport

  1. Greetings from Sri Lanka! heading for India early tomorrow morning! Hey Thanks for your vibrant comments; our place is always in a constant state of evolving since 1986. If you ever need any help traveling or with anything in the Philippines, don’t be shy, feel FREE to ask me. Bill ( The Townhouse )

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