PNR train: Tutuban to Alabang

(To figure out the train scheds, go to the PNR website. Click on services and then click on the Metro Commuter.)

I don’t really know what to do with this post, but this week I was finally able to ride the PNR train from Tutuban to Alabang and back. This tidbit of information isn’t really important except for the fact that the PNR said it would be re-opening their Manila to Bicol “Bicol Express” soon. Soon, according to my Internet cybersleuthing skills, is around September, just in time for the Penafrancia festival in Bicol.

The Bicol Express will be a godsend to many backpackers in the Philippines. It will simplify getting from Manila to Bicol to check out the whale sharks. And when the track from Clark to Manila is also finished, Clark will be an even more viable airport for budget travellers.

The way to get to the Tutuban station is to take the LRT up to the Blumentritt station and then switch to the PNR station also at Blumentritt except that it is at street level. (Another way is to take the MRT to the Magallanes station and try to find the PNR station also at ground level, but unless you know your way around, it might be more difficult.)

The PNR trains seem to run around every hour. More at rush hour. The trains do get crowded, but there are female only train cars. Also it’s cheap, to get from Tutuban to Alabang costs only 20 pesos.

And one more thing, if you want to shop at the legendary Divisoria, the Tutuban station is right in the heart of it 🙂

(Joyriders: There is parking right across the Tutuban station. Try the PNR train, it’s fun.)


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