Hostels: Malate, Manila backpacker area

So I finally went to the ground zero of the “backpacker” scene here in Metro Manila, Malate. We decided to cover three of the more famous hostels of the area, two said yes, the other one we are still trying to get in touch with.

The first hostel we covered was Malate Pensionne. Ranked number one in Lonely Planet, it wasn’t surprising that all the rooms were booked so we couldn’t really check it out. But from the lobby alone, we knew that it would be a great place. Made out like an old “bahay na bato” or a stone house, the pension has all the making of a classic Filipino house. The manager received us graciously, and the check-in area was nice and airy. There’s a Starbucks right outside the door, too.

If Malate Pensionne is filled up, I would like to recommend the Pension Natividad. We were greeted warmly by the manager, Jo, and she said, of course we can take pictures. It was a big hostel with lots of space and garden area. In fact this place is used as headquarters for all Peace Corps people visiting the Philippines. If I was a backpacker in the Philippines I would probably stay here. Great atmosphere, plenty rooms, and like I said, great manager.

space, lots of space

lockers, I love lockers

Malate Pensionne
1771 M. Adriatico St.,
Malate, Manila, Philippines

dorm bed w/ no aircon = 350 pesos (around 7 US dollars)
room w/ aircon for two = 1,400 pesos (around 28 dollars)

Pension Natividad
1690 M.H. del Pilar St.,
Malate, Manila, Philippines
5210524 / 5260992 / 5240811

dorm bed = 400 pesos (around 8 dollars)
room w/ aircon for two = 1,500 pesos (around 30 dollars)

Pension Natividad

Pension Natividad


3 thoughts on “Hostels: Malate, Manila backpacker area

  1. I’m based in Manila, so it would be hard for me to cover Cebu right now.

    I’ve heard good things about the Sugbutel though. And I liked it when I stayed at the Paragon Suites awhile back.

    You can also just google Paragon Suites Cebu.

    Can’t help you with airport pickups though.

    Hope this helps 🙂

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