Shopping: T-shirts in Metro Manila and other souvenirs

Inspired by the earlier post, I’ve decided to make this one about where to get those oh so ironic T-shirts in Manila.

The first I will mention is my friend’s Analog Soul. Analog Soul began on a whim, I actually once had their complete stock in a large plastic bag in my house, but has developed into a full-fledged business. There most famous t-shirt was the Ninoy Aquino shirt that many people copied afterwards. Their shops can be found in Power Plant, Glorietta, Trinoma, and Megamall.

The second is the famous Team Manila. Bringing their Fil-Am sensibilities to Manila, this group will totally indulge your Jose Rizal fetish. I just bought a t-shirt from them on sale, 50 percent off!

And, of course, the classic Philippines on your shirt by Collezione. I personally don’t own one of these but if I was a visiting tourist, this shirt would be awesome.

Now if you want the more traditional “tacky” souvenir, there is Tesoro’s where you get an awesome Barong Tagalog, our national outfit, for a great price. Or you can go to the equally cool Balikbayan Handicrafts next door on A. Arnaiz Ave. (formerly Pasay Road) in Makati.

One thing I’d like to tell you about the Philippines is that we tend to rename our streets based on politician’s whims. Have a daddy who you think hasn’t been honored enough? Run for politics and you just might be able to change the name of the street he lived on to your name. It’s annoying, but us Filipinos always remember and use the old names anyway. Even the buses and jeepneys use the old names.

Anyway, back to the shopping, for even more souvenir shopping there is the ubiquitous Kultura Filipino found in every SM in the city.

Other shops would be Island Souvenirs, Spoofs Unlimited, and, of course, Bench.

Other places I’ve mentioned before is Greenhills in Ortigas Ave., San Juan and Market, Market in The Fort, Taguig City. This is where you can implement your barganing skills for fake “branded” stuff and cheap, cheap pearls. In Filipino negotiation in these shopping stalls, you can normally get 20 to 30 % of the original asking price.


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