Eating Pampanga

It’s very rare that food tastes as good as it looks. With the exception of the tibok-tibok (maja blanca) in Susie’s in Pampanga. I’ve been trying to catch this dessert for the last couple of weeks, but was only finally to get my hands on some yesterday.

The way to get to Susie’s is from the NLEX exit at San Fernando. Go towards the city. Make a U-turn before the flyover. (There’s only one.) At the Shell station on your right, there is a strip mall called Northwalk 2. You can find Susie’s there. (045)9611458.

If you U-turn at the flyover, you’ll pass by Nathaniel’s where you can get it’s famous buko pandan salad.

If you just head straight down the road after the San Fernando exit towards the city and don’t U-turn, on your right, before the flyover, at the Shell station is another stripmall, Northwalk 1. Here you can find SFO where you can buy desserts from all over the Philippines. Full disclosure: My mom asked me to add this because her favorite cousin owns the shop.


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