Food: Tao Yuan, Singaporean Chinese Restaurant

People are always asking, where is a good place to eat in Manila, and I normally draw a blank. Now I finally have an answer and lo and behold (yes, I said it) it’s in Manila. And not only is it in Manila but it’s in the heart of the Malate backpackers’ district. Near the corner of Mabini and Malvar and right across the Pan Pacific Hotel is Tao Yuan Restaurant. The best Singaporean Chinese restaurant in the Philippines. Yes, I’m not recommending a Filipino restaurant here, I’m recommending an Asian one, but it’s damn good.

You should reserve in advance and you must order the Hainanese chicken (in advance, too). Pair it up with the Hainanese chicken rice (obviously) and you’ve got a winner. There were five of us and we were able to consume (more like inhale) one whole chicken.

The service is also excellent, the tea is free, and so is the dessert (the best lychee in almond jelly I’ve ever had in my life. Probably because it was fresh.)

So if you’re in Malate and you don’t know where to eat, this is it. We spent 400 pesos per person which is around 8 US$.

Yummy, yummy, I want to go back and try the other stuff.

Tao Yuan Restaurant

Tao Yuan Restaurant


Recent update: Tao Yuan is going to open a branch in Resorts World across NAIA Terminal 3. Now if only they would finish that pedestrian walkway from Terminal 3 to Resorts World. Rumor has it that concessionaires in Terminal 3 have stopped its construction so that they will continue to have a monopoly.

More recent update:

There’s a branch in Greenbelt 3 also.


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