Hostel: Bagasbas Lighthouse, Daet, Camarines Norte, Bicol

The well-run Bagasbas Lighthouse

You know you are going to come across a good hostel, when someone from that destination recommends it. And such instincts were not wrong when it came to Bagasbas Lighthouse in Daet, Camarines Norte.

Trailer rooms, an interesting place to stay 🙂

The first thing grabs your attention when you walk in, is the really awesome trailer rooms. BL is the first place I’ve seen in the Philippines that has rooms like these. And they come at a really cheap price, too. 1750 pesos per room. A bit more expensive if they are fronting the beach. Each room is airconditioned, has a flat screen TV, refrigerator, cheap minibar, and bathroom with soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, and disposable slippers! They even have a programmable safe. They eventually plan to put dorm rooms, too, but these rooms are awesome for now.

Beside BL, they have Catherine’s, the hotel restaurant, which has really good Bicolano food. We noticed that not only do the guests eat there, but also the people from Daet, which is always good sign. This also guarantees that all the things on the menu are normally available. There is also free wi-fi here.

But the big thing in Daet is also the surfing, which BL can provide for you, too. 150 pesos per hour for the surfboard, 200 pesos per hour for the instructor, just make sure you book with the concierge ahead of time, because surfer dudes can be pretty laid back.

Anyway, they have a website at They accept online bookings, which can be very important especially during the high seasons of Philippine summer in April and May, and the Christmas season in December.

They also have islands tours. BL can organize them for you, and there is also this guy,, who has gotten good recommendations. Next time we’ll try to go to Calaguas island.

Just Daet!


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