Just Daet!: Surfing Daet

I just had to make this a separate post.

I’ve always wanted to learn how to surf. And most people, when they think of surfing in the Philippines, they think of San Juan beach in La Union, which is okay, but that place has gotten a bit too popular. And at night, frankly, it can feel pretty dangerous.

So I would recommend Daet. For someone who just wants to learn, this place is perfect. It is a loooooong beach, which means there is enough space for newbies and experts alike. The waves aren’t that high, which makes it less intimidating (but probably harder to get momentum). It is not deep, and the beach is sandy.

I was able to stand after a few instructions from the instructor (woo-hoo!). I’ll put his cellphone number here once he texts me back. In the meantime, his name is Nash and you can get in touch with him through Bagasbas Lighthouse or look for Aquamarine along, Bagasbas beach. (It’s near the children’s playground, according to Nash.)


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