An excerpt from Before Ever After by Samantha Sotto

Well here is an excerpt I just took from a Filipino writer that describes Boracay perfectly.

* * *

You can tell a lot about a place by how it feels between your toes.

Shelley’s ten digits took great pride in their astute ability to judge an area’s character. Her left big toe was an especially thoughtful observer. By instict, it could tell within seconds of touching the ground if a place was rough, slippery, or soft. Now it decided, as Shelley waded to the shore, that this particular island required a whole different category of praise. Paradise came close, but that rang a bit trite. A happy accident, it thought – a string of mishaps, to be precise – suited it much better. If it had, it would be forced to accuse God of favoritism – something that the Catholic in it refused to let it do.

Shelley, however, was less reverent than her appendage. God, she decided, as she waded away from the outrigger that had ferried them to the island was selfish, and this was where He hoarded beauty like a secret stash of chocolate. Boracay was His kitchen drawer.


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