Spectator Activities

After talking to Ronald of Our Melting Pot Hostel, I’ve decided to make a list of spectator activites in Metro Manila.

1) Watch a Philippine TV variety show live! – for good or for ill, variety shows are a staple on Philippine television.  Walk into almost any house in the metropolis, and you will see the TV (or the household help’s TV) tuned into the next presidential candidate of the Philippines (I kid) trapaising around the screen with scantily clad girls.  What’s interesting is, according to Ronald, is that it is easy to get to watch these shows live, if you show up at the appropriate time.  ABS-CBN and GMA7 are located in Quezon City and ABC5 is found in Novaliches. 

2) Watch a PBA game – In spite of being a vertically-challenged people, we love basketball.  Fortunately due to the Philippine diaspora, we are now getting taller.  There are two conferences played out throughout the year.  One with all Filipinos and one with foreigners called imports.  You can also catch the university leagues, the most famous, and the hardest to get tickets would be the battles between Ateneo and Lasalle.  To get the lowdown on Philippine basketball read Pacific Rims by Rafe Bartholomew.  The games happen at the Araneta Colliseum and Cuneta Astrodome.

3) Watch a cockfight – PETA beware, these cockfights or sabong as they are locally called are not for animal lovers.  Two roosters duke it out, gladiator style, with a blade strapped to their leg.  Nothing can be more raucous than a sabong.  Watch the kristos take your bets, and marvel at how they can remember everybody.  I know there is a cockpit in Pasay City.

4) Watch a boxing match – You all must’ve heard about Manny Pacquiao by now, the greatest Filipino boxer ever to enter this world.  It is possible to watch the next Pacquiao at locations like Elorde’s Gym in Paranaque.

5) Watch a rockband – Saguijo in Makati would be your best bet to watch the next up and coming rockband in the Philippines. 

That’s all I can think of right now.  I’ll post some more when I think of some.


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