Malaysian Restaurant: Chef’s Home, Baguio

Some advice: It is open from 11-230pm and 6-930pm. I suggest you arrive as soon as it opens, because remember it only has one chef, and so as more people come, the longer it will take for the food to arrive. And remember, it’s closed on Sundays.


Som’s in Algiers St. in Makati was one of the first hole-in-the-wall discoveries in the Philippine gastronomic experience, but now in Baguio we have Chef’s Home.  Found at the corner of of Outlook Drive and Romulo Drive (Just drive past the Presidential Palace till the end.), you’ll find a carinderia being managed by Alvin Emuang, a Malaysian executive chef from Sofitel.  Settled now in Baguio, Alvin can whip up Malaysian and Thai (where he worked for 15 years) dishes in his tiny but well-kept kitchen.  But book ahead, the place can only seat a few, and is open only for lunch and dinner.  (Click here for more info:  This newly discovered secret will surely become a hit like Som’s.  Their specialty is the mutabak.  It’s kind of like a beef and potato omelet.  We also had the really spicy sambal and filet of dory.

Me and Chef Alvin Emuang

Chef’s Home
It is right beside Baguio Townhouse, beside a sari-sari store called Apolo.
Tel. 0916-4445756 or 0999-7746624


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