I met two Russian backpackers today while they were walking out of the Russian embassy.  They were there because they had lost their passports. 

This was how the people that lifted their passports operated.

They were at Mall of Asia when someone approached them waving a piece of paper with some numbers on it, and he was saying, “Is this your car?  Is this your car?” While someone else must have grabbed the bag that was carrying their passports.

They had a great time though in the Philippines. They had rented a car for 1,600 pesos a day and drove to Donsol. They had also spent two weeks surfing in Siargao. Fortunately this was the end of their trip so they didn’t lose too much money.

So travelers be aware.

It is quite ironic, that soon after warning other about being scammed, I was scammed myself. I was getting into my car in Rustan’s Forbes, when a man in full Barcelona football uniform approached me. He said he was a football coach from Iba, Zambales and needed money for a bus ticket. Of course he had just lost his wallet. After I gave him some money, I had a bad feeling I was scammed and probably was. It’s too bad he wasn’t in Real Madrid kit, or else I wouldn’t have given him jack. Lol!

Anyway, travelers be aware!


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