Basically, I feel there is not enough information out there about how awesome the Philippines is.  We have been left off the backpacker trail, for good or for naught.  But I feel that we have so much to offer.  I feel that we shouldn’t be part of the backpacker superhighway, but both the traveler and traveled alike would benefit from more tourism.

I don’t want to be the next Thailand, but we could use more cultural input 🙂

The train to Bicol will be the next big thing for the Philippines and is probably the primary reason why I put these websites up in the first place.

I have another blog, SEA Philippines, which is about going around Southeast Asia and the world from a Philippine point of view.


One other fact you should know: Manila is actually just a fraction of the greater metropolis that is called Metro Manila. Manila is actually the old part of the city (and when I say old, I mean all the good and bad connotations that comes with that). Makati is the modern, posh part of the city. Quezon City is the biggest sprawl. Taguig is mostly difficult except for the part that composes The Fort: Global City. Pasay has the airport and Resorts World Casinos. There are other parts, but I think this just about covers it.


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  1. LOVE your blog. I am an older Canadian man who will be backpacking alone in the Philippines for the first time in March and April. I am Catholic and I can’t wait to spend Easter in your country.
    Also, I will be spending a few weeks in Davao City and traveling around Mindanao. Everyone warns me how dangerous that is, but I don’t believe them. I can’t wait!

    • Thanks! Yep, Davao is safe. On Good Friday you should visit Pampanga. There you will see people flagellating themselves and even crucifying themselves. Yes, it is an extreme case of Catholicism, but interesting nonetheless.

  2. Hello, would it be OK to use your photo of La Solidaridad for an online article? With due credit and links, of course. It’s a great photo. Thanks so much.

  3. I recently subscribed to your blog. Your recommendations for cheap accommodations around Manila and other provinces is really helpful! I will be backpacking (alone for the first time) in Camiguin Island this January. I am hoping that you could give some tips on how I can NOT SPEND a lot of money in the island. Perhaps you know some cheap accommodations around the island as well.

    Thank you!

    • Thanks for your kind words. Unfortunately I’ve never been to Camiguin. But if you do find something, please tell me about it so I can put it on this site 🙂

    • Yeah, I’m planning to. I have a backlog of a couple of backpacker places I’ve been meaning to check out. Thanks for the reco. I’ll definitely be checking it out.

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