Moscow, raz, dva, tri!

Hong Kong Airlines

Holy Cow! I saw a billboard on the SLEX earlier, announcing budget flights from the Philippines to Moscow! (probably via Hong Kong, of course)

If this is true, it would totally rip a new asshole (pardon my French) in budget traveling from the Philippines. And as I’m reading the article some more about Moscow, they are also talking about eventually having trips to Istanbul and Paris (Forget Paris!). I’m salivating as I type this. There are also already flights to Brussels, Budapest, and Berlin, Bali, and frickin Seattle! Though Istanbul would be mighty interesting.

Here are the complete list of flights and their possible fares so far.

It was inevitable that Cebu Pacific would develop formidable competition eventually. The people across the pond have taken notice.

In the meantime, I need to find someone to teach me Russian. Seriously. After I learn Chinese this is the language I am desperately going to look to learn. Calling the Russian embassy. Russophile on the loose.