TT’s Tiempo

The Philippines has been bereft of hawker culture to the great disappointment of backpackers everywhere, but filling in that gap is the food park. What began as pop-ups is becoming a full blown culture. Yes, it’s normally food borrowed from American culture but it’s good enough for us locals. But yesterday, to our big surprise, one of our couple friends opened up their first hawker stall called TT’s Liempo. What is liempo? I guess the closest way to describe liempo is porkchop on a grill. Plus they add eggplant, salted egg, tomato and bagoong (shrimp paste). Slather it with vinegar and soy sauce. And top it off on rice and you’re good to go. I had two Jumbo TT bowls, one classic and one adobo (which is the classic Filipino fish).

TT’s Liempo is located on 25B Bayani Road in the Hole in One Food Hub in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.

Bacolod for Beginners (and the semi-advanced)

I wrote this entry exactly one year ago when I was getting married. So, anyway, this information is still current but I have some additions because we have returned one year later.

Bacolod for Beginners

First of all, L’Fisher has opened an Econotel right beside the original L’Fisher.

Secondly, I was remiss in mentioning the Art District in Lopues Mandalagan. It has a high concentration of bars and even a club called Oil.


And finally my new favorite dessert place is called Anna Co. They have Snickers cheesecake which is so my taste. They have a branch in the Shakey’s across Avenue Suites but the original one is all the way in Silay. Both coffee shops are decorated with the work of Negrense artist Charlie Co, Anna’s husband.

Domain Name!

In honor of my 101th post, I’ve finally decided to purchase the domain name  Be ready for a flurry of baller bands, calling cards, stickers, and t-shirts, hehehe.

Also I don’t know if I’ve posted this before, but here is my list of the best Mexican food in the Metropolis.

  • Ristras = best burrito
  • Orale = best enchilada
  • Chihuahua = best burrito bowl
  • Achiote = best soft taco
  • Mexicali = best cheaper burrito 😉

And we have a new contender, El Chupacabra = best street taco!

Bonifacio Global City

Formerly known as Fort Bonifacio, this area is Taguig City has been christened the Bonifacio Global City (BGC).

Let’s start off at Market, Market, where you can find pearls, knock-offs and other cheap stuff.  It also has an extensive food court that has sweets and delicacies from every part of the Philippines.  Try Reyes Barbecue, to try the ubiquitous Filipino pork barbecue on a stick.

Cross the street and you are at the much tonier Serendra.  Here you can eat yogurt from Lulu Belle, Oreo cheesecake at Chelsea, and massive sandwiches at (the name escapes me at the moment).

Cross the street once more and you are at High Street.  Here you will find the five-story shrine to books that is Fully Booked.  Across it is Muji.  To its left, on the roof of the building with the Lamborghini cars, is the bar du jour Skye Lounge.
Cross another street and you’ll find 2nd’s restaurant.  It is on the second floor of the building to your right, right behind Nike.

At the end of High Street you’ll get to Kabisera, to the try the classic sisig and other bar grub.  Across it, is R.O.X., the ultimate outdoor store in the country.

Cross another street one last time and you are at High Street Central.  I’ve only tried Nolita here, which has authentic New York Pizza.

To the left of High Street Central is the Fort.  Here you’ll find authentic Mexican food at Orale, and foreign beer on tap at the Draft gastropub.

If you were to head straight down High Street Central, and jumped a few streets, you would end up at the Mind Museum which is good for kids.  Right across it, is the Distillery, Draft’s forefather.  To the right is Burgos Circle, a melting pot of bars.  And further to the right is my favorite, Toast Box from Singapore.

Other notable spots in the BGC area is Ristra’s for jumbo-sized Mexican food and Malcolm’s which I go for the Eggs Benedict.  They are located in the Fairways building, right at the entrance of the BGC, on Mckinley Road.

There is also the new bar, Relic, which is found in what I think is the Deutsche Bank building roughly near the Mind Museum area.

Outside of BGC, in the McKinley Hills area (not really walkable), is JT’s Manukan.  It is chicken cooked inasal style from Bacolod city from the Visayas region.

And if you crave history, there is the American Cemetery.  Here you will find mosaic maps that will educate you about the Pacific War of World War 2 and some of the graves of those who had fallen.

As you can see, the BGC area is a sprawling place.  One day they even plan to build a monorail from the airport to this area, giving the backpacker a just as expensive alternative to the yellow taxis, to get out of the worst airport in world, hehehe.

Kung Fu Panda III

Well thanks to the suggestion of my Mandarin teacher, I think I’m going to get to see pandas.

I will be taking a break for awhile, but you can follow my adventures here and here.

But when I get back, I have at least two ideas for articles that I think will be awesome. One will be about choo-choo trains, and the other will be about art. And I also have something bigger even in mind. My biggest adventure yet. But I don’t want to spoil it 🙂