Pinoy Komiks

There is a renaissance going on with Filipino comic books.  At the vanguard is Visprint with their flagship series Trese  written by Budjette Tan and illustrated by Kajo Baldisimo.  There are others like Skyworld which is only enlivened when Trese shows up.  Filipino Heroes League is not so exciting but a valiant effort.  Elmer a one of by Gerry Alanguilan is impressive.  This one is absolutely free and will become a Visprint title soon.  There are others that might be followed here

On the flip side there are a slew of mangalike stories like Ang Diary ng Panget.  The most famous of this genre are the Bob Ong books written probably by many ghost writers under one alias.  I was suckered into buying the former, thinking it was a comic.  Which would’ve been okay if I was a 14-year old girl which I am not.  Which is acceptable because they were probably written by them.  I’m not looking down on this genre, in fact I absolutely support and admire them, I just won’t read them… yet.

And there is one more thing I have yet to attend, a Komikon.  This year it’s happening on April 12, Saturday at the Bayanihan Center at the Unilab Compound in Pasig.  Gates open at 10am and close at 7pm.  100 pesos entrance fee.

My collection’s complete!

Here’s one I’ve been sitting on for awhile…

There’s a new craft beer (homemade beer) scene here in the Philippines!

Leading the pack is Katipunan beer.  Starting out in a kitchen, this enterprise has grown by leaps and bounds, as this video will attest to:

Katipunan beer video
Where to get Katipunan beer


Second is Fat Pauly’s, a beer from Iligan I’ve been wanting to try, and finally did last Halloween. I had their Mont Lelong Smoked Mocha Porter and their Smashin’ Pumpkin 2013 Limited. The latter was better. Now I have to try their classic Iligan Pale Ale and their Ilaya Intensely Hopped Pale Ale.


Third is Bogs Brew from Bacolod. I like their Primo more than their basic. Try to get it at the Ilonggo fair they throw once a year here in Metro Manila.

The fourth is 7107 Islands beer. I had their summer beer which was copious but not that exciting.


And where can you get all these beers? At Global Beer Exchange, of course. Located in the Paseo de Magallanes Center, this unassuming bar is a mecca for local and foreign craft beers.

You can also get most of them from Anton’s High End Sari-Sari store in Bel Air Village (09178844111).

And so I’ve tried all the local craft beers… wait… what is this Craftpoint beer?

Back to the Barcave!

Update: I finally had Liberation beer by Craftpoint, it’s better than I expected. I expect to have another one 😉

2nd Update: An easier place to get Filipino craft beer is at Big Bad Wolf.  Located at its new location off Burgos Circle in Bonifacio Global City.  They even have their own brown ale which was pretty good 🙂

TPLEX has opened!

The Tarlac-Pangasinan-La Union Expressway (TPLEX) has opened up to Gerona, bypassing Tarlac City, tengkgad!  Will try it out this weekend.  Will let you know how it goes.

I took it it this weekend (Nov. 8-10, 2013) and it was awesome!  It must have cut travel time by an hour or something.  I used to hate passing thru Tarlac because it was so long and traffic.  The next time I pass the TPLEX it will probably reach past Carmen Rosales by then.

According to the Inquirer today, TPLEX has reached Carmen Rosales.  Grrr, SM.  April 14, 2014.

El Chupacabra Makati

As if Polaris St. couldn’t get any better, nearby Felipe St. has a street taco place. The Mexican food wars have been getting ferocious and I thought the old stalwart Mexicali was down for the count, but I was wrong. Underpricing but out flavoring the competition, they opened El Chupacabra!

Cheap street tacos at roughly 90 pesos each. Yesterday I had a sisig taco, chicharon taco (soft though not fried chicharon), and a fried spicy shrimp taco. It still reminds me of Mexicali, but, boy, is it good! I would go back for its faux street ambiance and the general camaraderie of the patrons. Next on my list would be the fish taco and the goat meat taco. Across it is Heckle and Jeckle, now called H&J. New location for H&J, too.

One more thing, the tacos are so good that they give you two fajitas. One for the taco, and one for if ever some of the trimmings start falling off.

All other Mexican places, your move!

Feb. 15, 2014

I’ve gone back several times to El Chupacbra and the hands down street taco champion they have is the Camarones a la Diabla.  Mouth explosions!  Or as I called it earlier, fried spicy shrimp tacos.  I cry every time I eat it. 🙂

Backpacker Sea Routes

The ramifications of this will be endless.

It seems they are planning to start a Ro-Ro from Davao to Manado, Indonesia this October 18, 2013. Then a Ro-Ro from Batangas City to Da Nang, Vietnam (passing near Hong Kong first) in 2015.


And it also seems there will be a Ro-Ro connecting the southern part of Palawan, Brooke’s Point to Kudat, Sabah in January, 2014.

Domain Name!

In honor of my 101th post, I’ve finally decided to purchase the domain name  Be ready for a flurry of baller bands, calling cards, stickers, and t-shirts, hehehe.

Also I don’t know if I’ve posted this before, but here is my list of the best Mexican food in the Metropolis.

  • Ristras = best burrito
  • Orale = best enchilada
  • Chihuahua = best burrito bowl
  • Achiote = best soft taco
  • Mexicali = best cheaper burrito 😉

And we have a new contender, El Chupacabra = best street taco!