Adventures in Another Language

Besides my other blog Southeast Asia (and beyond) from a Filipino Point of View, I have decided to start another blog.

This time I will call it Adventures in Another Language. I can’t be travelling all of the time. In fact I do really only travel once a year. So what better thing to do then prepare for the next adventure by learning the language of the new destination. China is next. And then followed by Istanbul to Egypt. And then South America and Brazil. Followed by the Transiberian through Mongolia most probably.

So first Chris and I will learn Chinese, followed by Spanish, and then hopefully Russian. We eventually want to go to non-Egypt Africa, too. So maybe French (and Portuguese) will be another option. There are also African languages, Asian languages, and Filipino languages. But first, let us begin with Chinese. We aren’t doing so bad, too. I hope 🙂


Backpacker Trails

And since this is a blog about backpacker trails, here’s Lonely Planet’s list of the most popular backpacker trails worldwide. Ahhh, to hit them all someday…


Okay, I’m tired.

But you can see the previous incarnations of this website at:

I will probably, however, stick to this one for now, by hook or by crook, for good reasons or bad…

oh and one more…

I like what I wrote (yes, self-serving) about incorporating the Philippines into the Grand Tour of Southeast Asia.  Meaning include us in the loop of Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Burma, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam + THE PHILIPPINES! back to Malaysia, Brunei and back to Singapore.  Indonesia, you so big and popular.  Anyone will find a way to integrate you into the great Southeast Asian loop.