PNR Train: Tutuban to Naga

The picture says it all!

Well finally did it, the Bicol Express train to Naga. So this is how it went. We took the LRT to the Bambang train station, which costs 15 pesos per person. Then we took a tricycle to the PNR train station, 50 pesos for two. (My tricycle prices are not always the cheapest rates necessarily, because I’m a horrible negotiatior.) Walked in and bought two sleeper tickets. Though you could reserve ahead by calling 3190041 loc. 122 or 3190048.

There is no dining car attached to the train yet, so you can buy stuff at the station canteen or you can go over to neighboring Tutuban mall, and get stuff there.

The train leaves every other day at EXACTLY 6:30 pm, it stops at Espana, 6:38 pm. It gets to the Pasay Road station at 6:56 pm and onwards to Alabang, 7:20 pm. We were supposed to arrive in Naga by 4:30 am the next day, but we actually arrived there at around 5:30 am.

There are two beds on the bottom and two on top.

So how was the train? It was pretty awesome. You get to lie flat, have a reading lamp, table, etc. Unfortunately they don’t provide any blankets or pillows, so we used our bags as pillows. There are curtains that can surround your whole bed which gives you a bubble of security. There are also reclinable seats at a cheaper price but sleeper trains are the thing! πŸ™‚

The trains are very safe. There is a full-fledged policeman per train, and don’t worry, they’re non-threatening. πŸ™‚ One fascinating thing is the need for some people to throw rocks at the train! This problem is unsolvable at the moment, but there are grills on all the windows, so don’t worry, it will be safe.

We got to Bicol around 5:30 in the morning, and there were tricycles at the gate to take you anywhere in Naga. We got into one with a group of other people who took us to the city bus terminal, where you can get a bus to Daet (110 pesos, no aircon with lots of stops!) or any other place in Bicol. Or you could go to SM Naga beside it where you can get minivans. Next time we’ll probably try to get minivans, but they were not yet leaving that early in the morning.

Bottom line, the train is awesome! We think this train is going to work. When this train reaches Legaspi, it will be even more awesome. Everyone interested should ride this train now, before it becomes too popular. PNR, please maintain this train well. πŸ™‚

P.S. The schedules and prices, since I rode the Bicol Express, may change. I try my best to update the article above and pictures below to make it current. But for even more accurate changes, please go to the Philippine National Railways official Facebook page at



You can reserve ahead!

17 thoughts on “PNR Train: Tutuban to Naga

  1. maraming salamat… bangkok train provides pillow and blanket for sleepers traveling down to penang malaysia. dapat may housekeeping ang pnr

  2. Oh, I get it. Thanks So it is not a four-bunk compartment with a door. The only separation from the corridor and the rest of the carriage is a curtain. That would make me nervous. It is also noisier. Drat. I was hoping it would be more like a classic European 4-person couchette. That can be very nice and private. Too bad.

    It is also unfortunate that the train runs only at night. It would be nice to be able to see scenery out the window.

    One of these days I might take it though.

  3. Yes, I asked the PNR about it and this was their response:

    “Our train consists depends on passenger demand, tentative Nov. 8 we will attach the Executive Sleeper to the Bicol Express train to accommodate delegates.”

    I’ve heard that the executive sleeper will be two to a room. I don’t know about the door on this one though. Though I would imagine this one would have one.

    I’ve also heard that they are testing a day run. And that by the end of the year the train will be reaching Legaspi.

    A day run would indeed be much more scenic.

    Go their Facebook site to find out more:

    I’ve also put up a rudimentary blog called

  4. Hi Sir, glad to know you’ve tried riding the BEx train service. We were there during the Inaugural Run last June 29, 2011 where we got stranded in Sipocot for around five hours due to soil erosion in Barangay Malaguico.

    The newly arrived Kiha 52 train was tested last Tuesday and covered the 377.57km distance in just 7 hours. Top speed achieved was 115kph in a clear straight section of the track. Here is a video of K52 passing by IRRI last Wednesday:

    PNR’s FB page is constantly being updated about train schedule and fares and they have additional trips this coming Undas. They also have a Twitter page at!/PNRailways

    If you are interested Sir to know more about railways and industrial preservation in the country, you may want to visit

  5. thanks for your info. I just want to know the stopover or stations pnr loading n unloading stations? i heard eating n drinking is prohibited? so, do they have cafeteria inside the train? how’s their c.r.’s? how many do they have?

  6. wow i miss to ride on a train i try the new train this nextmonth
    for vacation in naga and for the fiest of penafrancia
    maybe they full and a lot of pasengers. need to have early travel

  7. If the sleeper trains have no compartments and of course doors for privacy and security, how do we secure our belongings, more so our ourselves, from criminal elements particularly when we are soundly asleep since it is an overnight trip. I understand you have only 2 train policemen for the entire train. We are senior citizens.

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